Every day we witness the intensification of imbalances that were detected years ago. Leisure activities are growing and generating new impacts, while the traditional agricultural, animal husbandry and forestry activities—which have shaped the unique physiognomy of the Serra de Tramuntana—are disappearing or finding themselves in a critical situation, largely due to low profitability. We are also seeing how public administration, across its various levels and departments, is not properly integrating the management of the different activities affecting the Serra.

This dynamic, far from alleviating the problems faced by the Serra de Tramuntana, ends up aggravating them, as no general model exists that contemplates the necessary interrelation of its economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Tramuntana XXI believes in the need to create a long-term rural development strategy for the Serra de Tramuntana that helps to diversify its economic activity. All of this while promoting traditional activities, generating wealth throughout the territory and conserving natural and cultural values throw low-impact activities.

Some of our activities

Mountain properties suffer from a common problem: complex management.

The combination of the low profitability, specific environmental conditions, intense public use, cultural heritage, the threat of forest fires and pests, production, marketing and maintenance costs makes it crucial to be able to detect problems and identify potential. With this in mind, the proposal of management formulas can help to optimise investments and improve results.

With this objective, Tramuntana XXI wants to support the managers and/or owners of estates in the region to help them achieve greater efficiency in the preservation, maintenance and exploitation of their land, with a view to reducing costs and achieving more impactful interventions.

For this reason, we offer a personalised face-to-face consultancy service for rural estates. For more information about this service, please consult the brochure.

Tramuntana XXI, with a view to supporting the management of the territory, has edited this publication which is conceived to be a practical document for transmitting information to small and large property owners regarding the potential actions and activities that are advised on rural estates in the Serra de Tramuntana. It also contains useful information on administrative, grant and business references.

Furthermore, for those curious about or interested in the rural world, this is a magnificent document that brings together many of the different aspects of good territory management, while providing reference information about traditional activities.

More than thirty experts contributed to the writing of this document, providing the key information from their specialism for application in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The brochure consists of six thematic chapters with a total of 46 pages, with each page summarising the cultural and historical value of each activity with information on how to manage the different aspects of a rural property, drawing from the popular knowledge of generations of farmers who have worked in our mountains using modern practices.

The brochure costs €12 for Tramuntana XXI members and € 25 for non-members. You can pick the brochure up from our offices or our public events, sending an email beforehand to info@tramuntanaxxi.com.


As part of Tramuntana XXI’s strategy to lend its support to the primary sector, we are currently working on a new project: promoting a Serra de Tramuntana eco-region.

An eco-region is a geographical area in which farmers, citizens, companies, associations and public administrations establish a collaboration strategy or network that seeks to ensure the sustainable management of local resources, generating a system of governance that facilitates food sovereignty which adopts an ecological model of production and consumption.

For this reason, we are inviting different municipalities and administrations to work together to carry out coordinated and collaborative activities that are conceived to promote agroecology in the different regions.

The Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its cultural landscape generated during generations that have worked the land, is currently undergoing an accelerated process of abandonment, mainly due to the recession of the primary sector. This fact is directly linked to changes in food models and the relationship with the territory of today’s society.

Tramuntana XXI organize the Gastronomic Week of the Serra de Tramuntana: an opportunity to highlight the popular culture linked to the production and food consumption of local products, through gastronomy and reflect on how it has contributed to shaping the landscape cultural of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Over the course of  a week, the Serra is full of activities related to the culinary heritage of the Tramuntana: talks, guided tours, tastings of local products, workshops in schools, gastronomic competitions, etc.

Site of the Gastronomic Week of the Serra de Tramuntana (SPANISH)

About rural estate management:

advisory service brochure

BROCHURE: Advisory service for the management of rural properties in the Serra de Tramuntana.


You can pick the brochure up from our offices or our public events, sending an email.