We promote initiatives that promote the preservation of the natural, social and cultural heritage of the Serra de Tramuntana

  • We generate spaces of participation and debate that help to identify the challenges faced by the Serra de Tramuntana. We also promote—alongside stakeholders in the territory—initiatives geared towards improving the surrounding area. 
  • Besides supporting the various territorial management institutions, we also carry out political advocacy activities, analyse current regulations and advocate an efficient and effective governance model.
  • We support the public and private management of this rural space based on the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, doing so via the most efficient and profitable practices.
  • We help to raise awareness and increase the visibility of rural development initiatives in the Serra de Tramuntana, using environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria.
  • We generate and categorise knowledge of the current reality and history of the Serra de Tramuntana, giving us useful and reliable data that facilitate management and let us make better decisions. 
  • We run activities that seek to shine a light on certain issues, transmitting our vision of a vivacious and resilient Serra de Tramuntana, helping to generate esteem and foster a commitment to protecting the area.

Learn more about our analysis of the problems and challenges faced by the Serra de Tramuntana.