The Serra de Tramuntana is a natural and cultural spot of outstanding natural beauty, which is highly attractive for its inhabitants and the high number of visitors. We are faced with a series of great challenges in our efforts to preserve its values. To respond to these demands, we will need to build a new institutional architecture for the governance of the Serra.

It is only with a new governance model that we will be able to address the environmental, economic and social issues affecting the Serra de Tramuntana, with the consensus of citizens, entities, companies, users, owners and institutions being crucial.

We at Tramuntana XXI understand governance as a set of legal and political processes and institutions which, when standards and values are also taken into account, allows the wider community and stakeholders in the territory to articulate their interests, resolve their differences and exercise their rights and obligations with regards to the management and use of the territory.

We are seeking to create a scenario in which the various public administrations can work in a more efficient and coordinated manner within an adequate regulatory framework, with active citizen participation in decision making.

Some of our activities

An important part of our work is to have a greater influence over the competent institutions (on a regional, island or local level), allowing us to better communicate our problems and proposals to the relevant bodies in the hope that this will allow the Serra de Tramuntana to become environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

We hold regular meetings with the townhalls of the 19 municipalities of the Serra de Tramuntana, in which we identify and raise awareness of issues, help to find solutions and provide assistance with various projects. We visit the teams of various departments of the Council of Mallorca and the Government of the Balearic Islands, working on specific areas and transmitting the concerns of the municipalities and various stakeholders in the territory.

We organise meetings with political parties—on a local, island and regional level—in order to find common ground and implement measures which are beneficial for the Serra de la Tramuntana and its inhabitants.

Tramuntana XXI’s work to secure greater influence over political parties and institutions is based on the principles contained within the Manifest per la Tramuntana [Manifesto for the Tramuntana], to which 41 entities had signed up to as of July 2018.

We also seek to support the Serra de Tramuntana’s citizen organisations in their dialogue with institutions, promoting the search for solutions to the various problems faced by the inhabitants and managers of the Serra de Tramuntana.

For Tramuntana XXI, it is crucial to encourage the participation of the different stakeholders across the territory—those who live and work in the Serra de Tramuntana—to gather their proposals and listen to their concerns and problems. This will allow us to promote activities that are beneficial for the region.

It is for this reason that we organise meetings with different sectors, creating a space of discussion in which stakeholders can communicate the challenges they face in carrying out their activity, and solutions can be proposed to try and improve the current situation. One such example of this is the Agro-livestock Managers Meeting that we organised in January 2019, and the Public Officials Meeting that we held in March 2020.

Tramuntana XXI also holds a presence in the participation spaces that exist within the various administrations, such as the permanent committee of the Serra de Tramuntana Consortium, the advisory board of the Landscape Observatory of Mallorca and strategic segments of the Strategic Tourism Agency of the Balearic Islands.

Tramuntana XXI advocates a set of regulations that allows for good, effective and efficient management that takes into account the uniqueness of the space, facilitates its management and preservation and integrates the requirements of all stakeholders in the Serra de Tramuntana.

As such, Tramuntana XXI is overseeing the creation of a new set of regulations, and the modification of existing ones, that allow it to convey its point of view and work in a manner that is aligned with the requirements of the Serra, always doing so with a proactive attitude.